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Lean business SaaS builders, with Data Management and IoT consulting to create competitive agility.

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Identification of Value

Business analysis to identify data readiness.


Design and build data solutions if business ready.


Phase ourselves out, enabling a better team when we leave.

We’re A Product Guild and Consultancy

Perfect methods in-house and project them onto the world.

Security Training

Dev, identity, network and perimeter security training across Clouds.

Data Management

System design and tune databases and warehouses on-prem and in the Cloud.

Consulting Toolkit

SaaS platform giving you all business online systems at a fraction of the price.


Data streaming and design for devices, including architecture, prototyping and build.

If You Have A Business Problem

Book some time with us to talk it through.

Our Services

Business Analysis

Identify your key business tech problems and suggest solutions.


Generate insightful whitepapers to advise the executive team.


Deploy from existing templates that will accelerate your journey.

Global Support

Support and access in-country or from an appropriate timezone.

Design & Build

Fit what already works into your environment, with a twist.

App Development

Customise pre-crafted patterns to meet your needs.

Our Skills

These Are Some Of Our Tools

Cloud tools across Google Cloud, AWS and Microsft Azure are our first choice. We also support on-premise and hybrid solutions. Currently trending is Google Cloud Workflows, Amazon Kinesis, Azure Databricks.

  • 01- Beam, Dask, Spark, Tensorflow

  • 02- HBase, Mongo, Parquet, Postgres

  • 03- Python, Django, Fast API, NodeJS

  • 04- Flutter, Ionic, React, Vue

  • 05- Jenkins, K8s, Spinnaker, Terraform


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Projects Completed


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Our Team

Mark Mc Naught

Mark Mc Naught

Strategic Account Executive

Mark navigates successful projects and is a generalist across the technical stack.

Jon Crocombe

Jon Crocombe

Technical Advisor

Jon is a system design and deployment specialist with twenty years experience in tech.

Lisa Mc Naught

Lisa Mc Naught

People and Operations Manager

Lisa creates a people platform that unlocks individual potential and establishes unity as a team.

Tafadzwa Moyo

Tafadzwa Moyo

Software and Data Advisor

Tafadzwa ensures that data and connected devices drive intrinsic business value.

Dave Mc Naught

Dave Mc Naught

Head of Legal

Dave is an adept entrepreneur, legal counsel and strategic advisor.

Calvin Anderson

Calvin Anderson

Software Engineer

C#, Python and Java make Calvin well-versed. He creates games and robots too.

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Contact Details

Our head office is situated in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. We also operate out of Ireland, India, South Africa and the United States, serving international clients.

1 West Werberside, Edinburgh, EH41SZ
Phone: +44 7494 677419